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Artificial Rome wins Metaverse pioneer Kadine James

British Metaverse pioneer Kadine James has joined Artificial Rome’s Berlin-based design studio to jointly develop forward-thinking experiences for clients.

Berlin, February 23, 2023. Kadine James is a globally recognized Web3 strategist and tech futurist who has worked with companies such as Verizon, RYOT, Yahoo and Accenture. In 2021, Computer Weekly named Kadine one of the ten most influential women in tech – in 2022, Yahoo Finance named her one of the top 10 Metaverse founders. Now Kadine James is joining Artificial Rome as Chief Metaverse Officer.

Both parties already know each other from the past: Artificial Rome, a LIGANOVA Group company, and Kadine James successfully implemented the Digital Relics Fashion project with digital fashion house Sapiensi together in 2022, which explored the future of fashion inside virtual worlds and the metaverse. They were brought together by their shared aesthetic interest in detailed, immersive environments and the idea of making shows and events in the metaverse even more emotional and high-profile. The first step of the collaboration this year will focus on the development and use of SOIL, Artificial Rome’s proprietary metaverse environment for luxury brands.

Patrik de Jong, founder of Artificial Rome: “With Kadine’s extensive knowledge, creativity, technological expertise and contacts in the Metaverse space, Kadine is a great fit for us. We look forward to many immersive and high-definition Metaverse experiences.”

Kadine James: “In my opinion, there is no studio in the world that creates more beautiful, elegant and immersive virtual work than Artificial Rome. The care and attention to detail they put into each project is unmatched. I look forward to seeing all of their projects. ”

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