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Summer Issue 2020

Welcome to Berlin!

LIGANOVA | Berlin Inspires Summer 2020

Welcome to Berlin!

Berlin in summer has it all. Okay, fine, not a beach. But what it lacks in coastline it makes up for with over 80 lakes, a thriving cultural scene, amazing restaurants and Europe’s best nightlife.

Add to that the hip hotels, designer shops and general open-minded vibe, and you’re left with little to argue with. Our seasonal issue of Berlin Inspires is filled from cover to cover with all the places and experiences that make this city the unique and uplifting destination it is today.

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From beautiful breakfast spots to Michelin-starred menus; one-off boutiques to peerless club nights and relaxing urban retreats…
We’re here to make sure Berlin delivers on its potential to truly inspire:
whether you’re in town for a day, a week, or a lifetime.

Berlin Insiders

There’s nothing like local knowledge. Get the inside scoop from our selection of inspiring and influential Berliners.

Daniel Nikolaou

Executive Podcast Producer, Spotify

Daniel Nikolaou is an executive podcast producer for Spotify, where he develops shows for the German-language market, such as 'Fest & Flauschig' by talkshow hosts Jan Böhmermann & Olli Schulz; and 'Paardiologie' by best-selling author Charlotte Roche and her husband Martin Keß-Roche. After studying linguistics at the University of Cologne, Daniel moved to Berlin and worked in the digital arm of Viacom while building up his music blog, Polypol. He joined Spotify in 2015.

LIGANOVA | Berlin Inspires Summer 2020 | Daniel Nikolau

“Take a boat ride along the Spree from Rummelsburger Bucht and enjoy the breathtaking views as the river opens out into the Großer Müggelsee.”

Julia Dalia

Model & Blogger

LIGANOVA | Berlin Inspires Summer 2020 | JuliaDalia

Julia Dalia

Model & Blogger

Julia Dalia is a Berlin-based model and blogger. Born in Düsseldorf and with family roots in West Africa and Czechia, she uses her voice and influence to advocate for diversity and inclusivity in the fashion industry.

Noah Becker

Musician & Artist

Born in Munich, raised in the US and based in Berlin, Noah Becker is a DJ and musician. He is the bassist & beat-maker for experimental art and music collective, Bakery, whose distinctive psychedelic indie-electro sounds have graced the stages of high-profile events such as the Berlin Festival and Fusion Festival. Most of his time he spends at Baketown, a creative space and live venue in Schöneberg.

LIGANOVA | Berlin Inspires Summer 2020 | Noah_Becker
LIGANOVA | Berlin Inspires Summer 2020 | SissiPohle&PatrickScherzer

Sissi Pohle & Patrick Scherzer

Co-Founders outofuseberlin

Curators Sissi Pohle and Patrick Scherzer are the co-founders of outofuseberlin, a vintage fashion and interiors boutique that started on-line and has since begun hosting pop-ups and collaborations like H&M Mitte Garten in Berlin. The duo are deeply dedicated to discovering one-off pieces from bygone eras and passing them on to their customers.

Jessica-Joyce Sidon

Co-Founder Baldon

A former PR expert with French roots, Jessica-Joyce Sidon founded Baldon in Wedding with partner and head-chef Cäcilia Baldszus in 2018. The canteen, restaurant and bar combines local cuisine with minimalist architecture, and has evolved into a platform for exchange and creative experiences. Jessica loves spending time with her son, Gaspar.

LIGANOVA | Berlin Inspires Summer 2020 | Jessica_Joyce_Sidon

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