BeyondRetail 2019

LIGANOVA x Handelsblatt

LIGANOVA | BeyondRetail 2019 | LIGANOVA x Handelsblatt

On March 21, LIGANOVA and Handelsblatt jointly hosted the boutique conference BeyondRetail for the second time.

Technological process creates unprecedented challenges for brands and companies. Social trends and developments radically change our clients’ needs, and the ways in which brands interact with their customers is set to be transformed, too. Branded environments play a particularly important role in this new world.

– What new opportunities will be available to brands?
– How can we link the online and offline spheres intelligently?
– Where and how will our customers shop in future?
– What does a truly modern store look like?

BeyondRetail is a business platform developed in collaboration with Handelsblatt to bring innovative makers and creator from the business world together with creative experts and visionaries. In March 2019, the event took place for the second time.

“The competition is changing and, in the future, it will no longer be enough to be better than the retailer next door.”

Marc Schumacher

Former Managing Partner, LIGANOVA



What digital tech innovations will bring brands and people together?


Stationary retailers go online, digital players go offline. The big question remains: what will consumers be buying in future? And why?


What expectations will customers place on online and offline brands? What experiences will the brands need to offer?


Who are tomorrow’s consumers? What is the significance of communities?

The speakers

During talks and panel discussions, we discussed how humans, products and brands might interact in years and decades to come.

Esther Bahne

Head of Brand Strategy and Business Innovation MINI Head of Impact Ventures, BMW Group

Esther Bahne is an innovation and strategy expert who transposes the identity of the MINI brand to new lifestyle concepts beyond the cult car, including the Creative Design Hub A/D/O in New York and Mini Urban Living.

LIGANOVA | BeyondRetail 2019 | LIGANOVA x Handelsblatt | Esther Bahne
LIGANOVA | BeyondRetail 2019 | LIGANOVA x Handelsblatt | Frank Dopheide

Frank Dopheide

Managing Director of the Handelsblatt Media Group

The brand and communication professional Frank Dopheide is the Spokesman of the Board of Management of the Handelsblatt Media Group and the founder of the brand and strategy agency Deutsche Markenarbeit.

Wybo Wijnbergen

General Manager Northern Countries WeWork

Wybo Wijnbergen advances innovative work concepts with the WeWork co-working spaces, which offer unique spaces, services and experiences.

LIGANOVA | BeyondRetail 2019 | LIGANOVA x Handelsblatt | Wybo Wijnbergen
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LIGANOVA | BeyondRetail 2019 | LIGANOVA x Handelsblatt | Erin Johnson

Erin Johnson

Head of B2B Marketing b8ta

Erin Johnson is the resident marketing expert of b8ta, a Californian start-up that operates nine flagship stores and 70 shop-in-shops where customers can discover, test and purchase the latest tech gadgets.

André Maeder

CEO KaDeWe Group

The retail professional André Maeder has been in this industry for more than four decades. Following stints at s.Oliver, Hugo Boss and Harrods, he currently manages the KaDeWe Group, which has branches in Berlin, Hamburg and Munich.

LIGANOVA | BeyondRetail 2019 | LIGANOVA x Handelsblatt | André Maeder
LIGANOVA | BeyondRetail 2019 | LIGANOVA x Handelsblatt | Sergio Mannino

Sergio Mannino

Founder Sergio Mannino Studio N.Y.

The Italian production expert and Forbes author has designed more than 250 stores for various international brands. He is intimately familiar with the future requirements of retail outlets.

Ema Šimurda

Founder GOOD BANK Berlin

Ema Šimurda Paulin is one of the two founders of the farm-to-table start-up GOOD BANK. The award-winning, young company uses urban agriculture to bring farms, kitchens and dinner tables together.

LIGANOVA | BeyondRetail 2019 | LIGANOVA x Handelsblatt | Ema Šimurda
LIGANOVA | BeyondRetail 2019 | LIGANOVA x Handelsblatt | John Ryan

John Ryan

Stores Editor Retail Week

The store expert John Ryan is constantly on the look-out for the latest, most innovative retail concepts all over the world for the online news magazine Retail Week.

Stephan Balzer

Founder boma global, Tedx Ambassador, Curator SingularityU Germany Summit

Stephan Balzer is the ambassador of the Singularity University. He has brought the concept of TED talks to Germany and studies ways in which innovation changes society.

LIGANOVA | BeyondRetail 2019 | LIGANOVA x Handelsblatt | Stephan Balzer
LIGANOVA | BeyondRetail 2019 | LIGANOVA x Handelsblatt | Dr. Hanna Schumacher

Dr. Hanna Schumacher

Senior Marketing Manager Europe, Byton

Hanna Schumacher is in charge of the European market entry of a Chinese brand with the motto: from driving to experiencing.

Stephan Gerhard

Co-Founder, 25hours Hotel Company Hospitality Professor

More than 30 years of professional experience have taught Stephan Gerhard more about the international hospitality and hotel industry than most industry players ever knew.

LIGANOVA | BeyondRetail 2019 | LIGANOVA x Handelsblatt | Stephan Gerhard
LIGANOVA | BeyondRetail 2019 | LIGANOVA x Handelsblatt | Christian Möhring

Christian Möhring

CEO & Founder helmade GmbH former Head of Digital IKEA Deutschland

The all-round digital expert Christian Möhring looks back on many years of retail experience with international companies, such as Nike. In his latest position, he oversaw the transformation of IKEA Germany from a traditional into a multi-channel retailer.

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