Future Lab by LIGANOVA

Envisioning the future of spaces - what does it take to turn a location into an experience space? How can digital transformation connect spaces in a smart way?

The Space

The BrandRetail Space is our lab to explore our understanding of consumer experiences in physical spaces. It’s our vision of a seamless brand, product and community experience with a phygital mindset.

Experience first – led by the costumer’s behavior you can experience a deep dive into the product’s world.

EX OS offers the intelligent mix of location based, phygital and social interaction. It is our future-proof, in-location content management system for tackling the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Book your Creative Hideaway

Creative places empower creativity.

We open our space for forward thinking companies & brands. You are welcome for special workshops, meet ups, lectures & events with a link to the future.

Be surrounded by the inspiring atmosphere of the BrandRetail Space co-working and event area where we furnished with technical infrastructures for presentations and a fully equipped kitchen and bar where we can offer you individual arrangements.

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Sharing knowledge and swapping ideas.

We’re offering different kinds of workshops in our creative hideaway.

Maker's Platform

Be a part of our growing community of makers & creators.

As a phygital platform we always seek forward-thinking collaboration in various areas with entrepreneurs, universities, start-ups, artists & many more who share our mindset and want to stay ahead of the game.

That’s you? Then let us know and enlarge our community.

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