Creative Coding with AI

Maximize creativity through technology

Forward Festival Berlin 2023 was electrifying!

From September 14 -15, the unique platform for the creative community and most renowned hub for creative exchange worldwide took place in Berlin. It fostered an unmatched environment to build bridges between interdisciplinary artists, the most innovative brands and agencies.
We were thrilled to be a part of this year’s festival program and present the CREATIVE CODING tutorial.

LIGANOVA Creative AI Strategist Jan Maier showcased how you maximize creativity through technology. The participants delved into the fascinating realm of generative, algorithmic art by leveraging AI and explored how it can augment human creativity.
The tutorial’s topic seemingly hit a nail with the audience as many, many people showed their interest in this pioneering technology by coming by and discussing how it can pave the way for future artistic expression.

Thank you, Forward Festival, for giving us a platform to connect over topics at the intersection of technology and design.

And a special thanks goes out to our friend and partner Nawwar from Supaapps for the support with this project!