Our message for 2023


At the beginning of every year we set an annual theme that symbolizes our current mindset and we interpret it in an artistic way. This time around, we welcome the year 2023 with #DynamicFocus. Our vibe is all about finding new alignment and fresh power. We believe a great foundation is key, so the wings can be expanded – In order to constantly realign ourselves without losing sight of what grounds us.


Our artistic symbol to express this Dynamic Focus is the standing mobile. Designed and sustainably produced by LIGANOVA and LIGAPRODUCTION, it invites you to focus on mindfulness and harmony. This enables our senses to sharpen and to aim our strength on innovating the future with new connections. Made of high density fiberboard, perpetually colored in wood stain and finished off with locally-produced wires, sustainability was at the core of the idea when we created this timeless piece.

Want to find your zen with your own Dynamic Focus Mobile? Then drop us a line to win one of the limited art pieces.


Extending this year’s message, we curated a zeitgeist hub on which we interpret Dynamic Focus. Here, you will discover our well curated topics and ideas for you to find your focus and many creative impulses with.

Ready for your zen? Then head to our hub and tap into your full potential for 2023.