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LIGALIVE | AR, Art & Algorithms


This special livestream session featured two of our favourite community partners: Christian “Mio” Loclair, the founder and creative director at design studio Waltz Binaire, and Liane Siebenhaar, Creative Strategy Lead DACH at Snap Inc. Mio is a new media artist, computer scientist and choreographer who explores the friction of nature colliding with data and digital procedures by cutting-edge tech and AI, whereas Liane creates unique brand and performance campaigns for her clients. Their common thread? They both use art, algorithms and AR – but each in their own unique way.

LIGALIVE | AR, Art & Algorithms | Liane Siebenhaar


Creative Strategy Lead DACH, Snap Inc.

She combines a very clear brand-strategic view on communication with a lot of creativity & tech know-how. Her drive is to create innovations and brand experiences that achieve goals and spread a message. She was named one of the top 100 minds in the communications industry as an expert in digital communication.


Founder and Creative Director, Waltz Binaire

As a media artist, computer scientist & choreographer from Berlin, Mio explores the friction of nature colliding with data and digital procedures. Using cutting edge technology & artificial intelligence in interactive installations, audio-visual experiences, visual narratives & dance performances, he explores the harmony & tension of the encounter of humans & machines.

LIGALIVE | AR, Art & Algorithms | Mio Loclair


For this session, they interviewed one another and discussed the combination of art, algorithms and AR in spaces, how digital tools can enhance creativity and empower people to make art, and in what ways AR has the potential to level-up brand experiences and awareness. Get ready for this deep-dive into the worlds of art and tech…

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