What we do

Experience Solutions

Multisensory experiences for physical spaces through the interaction of brands, products and people.

Not so long ago, companies & brands focused on digitization. A mobile-first approach enabled technology on the go, but now things are shifting. As we become more connected, the emphasis must move to a location-first approach. Experimental spaces and areas are the source and interface of every digital interaction.

Creating content & relevance

When product presentations become programmed performances, installations convert to integrated story stages, and sales-driven approaches transform into editorials. As a result, target groups become your community and the brand becomes a platform.

“As algorithms become ubiquitous, real-world inspiration and experiences will be increasingly desirable and refreshing.”

Mathias Ullrich

Executive Management Experience Solutions

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Each challenge is unique, each project is one of a kind: Our capabilities

No matter what format – product launch, corporate event, retail or pop-up space, exhibition, roadshow, convention – creating a relevant space is key to conveying brand and product values.

Our interdisciplinary teams create brand platforms that seek to harmonize space design, stage design, interactive components, programming, and content curation – from strategy all the way through to execution.

Selected Showcases

Conveying brand and product values with experiential formats