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Brand Experiences – Agency for innovative Experience Stores

We strongly believe the physical space will become the destination for target groups to meet, exchange and get inspired. These spaces are less about the product but about the brand as a platform for their culture and community. To create this platform, we transform & develop locations into phygital media spaces and content hubs: Loaded with changing content stories and formats to act as ever-changing source of inspiration for diverse audiences.

Our Services

– Hybrid Brand Spaces
– Retail Environments (Shop-in-Shop, Stores, Pop-up, Activations)
– Interactive physical & digital Experiences
– Hybrid Events & Conventions
– Phygital Installations & Exhibitions
– Sell-in Experiences
– Brand Communication

Our Skills

– Experiential Design & Architecture
– Community Building
– Topic Relevance & Content Curation
– Content Creation
– Marketing Communication & Storytelling
– Brand Network & Cooperation
– 3D & Motion Design
– AR, VR & Mixed Reality
– Strategy

“The commercial brand space of the future is instagrammable, connected, well-curated and offers content that is constantly changing.”

Mathias Ullrich

Managing Director, LIGANOVA

CreativeStrategy Consulting

A new era of consulting - Combining strategy consulting with a creative mindset and executional understanding.

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