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Sustainability is one of the most important strategic challenges of our time. As a company acting in the retail business we value the global environment and understand that immediate action is required. Therefore, we see it as our duty and responsibility to work on solutions to reduce the global footprint and create more sustainable ways for brands to interact with customers. Our mission is to rethink global retail systems & processes and to enable companies & brands to change their retail marketing campaigns for good.

“Sustainability is not a question of gut feeling — it requires transparency. Therefore, we think from chain to cycle and create fact-based decisions.”

Torsten Dietz

Managing Director, LIGANOVA


We think from value chain to value cycle and make fact-based decisions. For this purpose, we work with databases certified by objective partners in order to create transparency. Our data-driven approach involves measuring the CO2 emissions of retail campaigns along the value cycle in order to assess and optimize the environmental impact. Together with brands we can make retail more sustainable – improving one decision at a time.


Through sustainable alternatives and fact-based decisions we help brands to optimize their environmental impact of retail marketing. We support our clients from ideation to implementation across all value creation phases (design, production, logistic & recycling). Our Green Campaign Cycle® initiative is the one-stop-shop for sustainable retail.

LIGANOVA | GCC | Green Mission Statement | Change retail for good | Torsten Dietz

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In his role as Managing Director, Torsten Dietz leads the Global POS Campaigns division at LIGANOVA as well as the LIGAPRODUCTION production facility. With over 10 years of experience in international retail marketing and a keen sense for the changing retail landscape, he focuses on the development of sustainable and digital concepts for the point-of-sale of international brands.

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Green Campaign Cycle®

Within our Green Campaign Cycle® initiative we create CO2 optimized global Point of Sale campaigns to embrace a sustainable future – changing the environmental impact of retail marketing for good.

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