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HERREN DER SCHÖPFUNG develops digital off-road experience for Land Rover

The digital specialists belonging to LIGANOVA Group provide a digital extension of the off-road experience and turn the participants into the protagonists of their own personal Land Rover experience.

Stuttgart, September 5, 2022. At the end of August, Land Rover Germany officially opened the new Land Rover Experience Center in Wülfrath near Düsseldorf. There, interested customers will have the opportunity to test the performance of Land Rover models in the terrain with a professional off-road instructor and overcome the steepest off-road obstacles.

In order to digitally extend the special customer experience and give participants the opportunity to take home and share what they have experienced, the digital experience specialists at HERREN DER SCHÖPFUNG have come up with an innovative concept for personalized content on behalf of Land Rover Germany. Participants become the stars of a top-quality video of their own action-packed off-road experience.

For this purpose, HERREN DER SCHÖPFUNG installed special cameras in exclusively manufactured outdoor boxes at obstacles in the terrain, which function autonomously in the forest and thus record the performance during the test drives and transmit them wirelessly to the cloud. The digital solution developed by HERREN DER SCHÖPFUNG also includes additional cameras in the vehicle interior that capture the reactions of the driver inside live. The detection of individual vehicles in the terrain is GPS-supported. After the ride, the agency’s own intelligent cloud service processes all the information and compiles the content produced live and automatically on the track with pre-shot video material. Driving scenes are optimally staged via artificial intelligence and automated object recognition. The result is a high-quality, personal video that captures the Land Rover experience from numerous perspectives and is automatically delivered to customers as a finished social action snippet within minutes of the drive.

Na Li, Head of Brand Communications & PR Land Rover Germany & Europe: “With the idea of HERREN DER SCHÖPFUNG, our visitors are fulfilling their dream of enjoying the driving experience to the utmost and then sharing this extraordinary experience with others. In this way, we offer the perfect answer to the demands of Land Rover fans in the digital age.”

As an agency for digital brand experiences that combines creativity with new technologies, HERREN DER SCHÖPFUNG develops digital end-to-end solutions in the areas of online, space and emerging experiences for global brands. The mission “Creating the Future of Experience” is not only a claim, but a performance promise. HERREN DER SCHÖPFUNG was founded in 2009 in Frankfurt a. M. and is a subsidiary of LIGANOVA Group. Today, the digital agency employs more than 40 people in Frankfurt and Stuttgart. The agency has received numerous awards for its work, including the Red Dot Award, German Brand Award, German Design Award, IF Design Award, Automotive Brand Contest and GWA Health Care.

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