Vernissage /w Pius Fox

LIGAart with Berlin-based artist Pius Fox

‘LIGAart’ is our new community format which allows us to merge two of the best things: Community and art. The idea was born when LIGANOVA-founder Vincent Bodo Andrin first shared artworks from his personal collection with us. For the premiere, we presented artworks by the Berlin-based artist Pius Fox who attended the vernissage himself. The exhibit is open to the public at our Stuttgart-based headquarters and runs until June of this year. And it’s got the phygital touch to it…

The LIGANOVA exhibit allows for its visitors to grasp onto Pius’ inspirations by listening to him, acknowledging what it is about geometric forms that fascinates him.

You can do so by downloading our in-house developed EXOS app and by tapping the NFC tags to get more personal insights about his art & inspiration.

The abstract painter studied Fine Arts at Berlin’s prestigious University of the Arts. His works are largely based on objects and photographs, taking up genuinely existent forms and structures. Pius is renowned for coming back to symmetrical and geometric solutions that, for him, serve as a narrative and represent a system that underlies our visible reality. His works have been displayed at galleries across the world, from Leipzig to London, Tokio, New York and Tbilisi.

With LIGAart we are going to host further arty events featuring works by diverse artists. Until more arty gatherings, make sure to swing by the exhibit and to learn more about Pius and EXOS.