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LIGANOVA designs immersive brand experience for Mozilla

For 25 years, Mozilla has been a pioneer and advocate of the open internet. The non-profit organization wants to breathe new life into this positioning and is relying on an extraordinary immersive staging by LIGANOVA to achieve this.

Stuttgart/Berlin, 13. October 2023. What if you could completely reinvent the internet? With a phygital five-day event in Berlin conceived by LIGANOVA, Mozilla wants to shape the future of the internet and celebrate the visionary personalities who are committed to an ethical, responsible and inclusive web. Under the motto “Reclaim The Internet: Reimagining Our Digital Future”, Mozilla invites to an immersive journey that aims to encourage people to actively participate in the web of the future and test tools that increase privacy and security when using technology.

The event, which takes place October 12-16, 2023 in the Alte Münze, Berlin, stages in a total of four spatial experiences how one can join the mission “Reclaim the Internet” and reclaim the beauty of the internet for oneself. For this, LIGANOVA, in collaboration with the group’s digital experiences subsidiary LIGANOVA Horizon, has worked with a collective of artist:s and agencies to curate innovative works that challenge the status quo and point to a bright digital future. Each room has its own motto: Reclaim Expression, Reclaim Creativity, Reclaim Wonder and Reclaim Community. The concept also includes an award show and the opportunity to participate in workshops and networking.

Mathias Ullrich, Managing Director at LIGANOVA: “This project shows very clearly how digital content and storytelling can be transformed into great immersive and multi-sensory spatial experiences for brands. This is where the LIGANOVA Group’s set-up proves its worth, with different experts working together smoothly and efficiently to create phygital brand experiences with lasting impact for the community.”

Admission to the event is free; however, all guests aged 18 and over must register to gain access:

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