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LIGANOVA Group acquires majority stake in Artificial Rome

The group, headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, is once again expanding its digital portfolio by acquiring a stake in the studio for immersive & meta experiences, Artificial Rome. With around 20 years of experience in the development of virtual worlds, the Berliners will contribute important impulses with immediate effect to open up the metaverse for LIGANOVA’s customers.

Stuttgart, February 1, 2023. With a combination of cutting-edge technology and a human touch, Artificial Rome accompanies brands into the metaverse and creates completely new forms of virtual communication. In order to secure this multi-award-winning creative power, the LIGANOVA Group is now acquiring a majority stake in the Berlin-based agency. The partners came together because of their shared passion for spatial design.

With this step, the group wants to continue to provide holistic, strong and emotional brand presences – physically, digitally and now also in the Metaverse as well as Web3. Artificial Rome brings its entire spectrum of immersive experiences to the group: Virtual and Augmented Realities, NFT and Blockchain as well as Meta and Web3 Experiences are part of the service spectrum.

In the process, the Metaverse will be developed as a sales channel for customers and integrated into the group’s service portfolio. The business of Artificial Rome will continue to be led by the management team around founder Patrik de Jong and co-founder Dirk Hoffmann as well as Torsten Sperling-Ufer and Jochen Watral.

Timo Schönauer, CEO LIGANOVA Group: “With the investment in Artificial Rome, we are systematically expanding our value proposition for our international customer. As a new subsidiary of the Group, we are opening up a new dimension of integrated retail marketing with Artificial Rome. From physical brand space, to phygital brand experiences, to metaverse.”

“In the future, the boundary between real and physical space will increasingly dissolve. As part of the LIGANOVA Group, together we can already connect real space with virtual space to create truly immersive experiences,” adds Patrik de Jong. “We look forward to helping shape this journey for the long term.”

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