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LIGANOVA Group transforms adidas showroom into immersive sports experience

Seamless collaboration between LIGANOVA and LIGANOVA Horizon: Together, the brand experience experts are staging the adidas showroom in Herzogenaurach for the major sporting events of the year. The focus is on products for the European Football Championships, the Olympic Games and the Copa Americana.

Stuttgart, July 9, 2024 – The LIGANOVA Group is taking a very special approach to support its existing customer adidas in wooing the important target group of retailers and wholesalers at its headquarters in Herzogenaurach. LIGANOVA and LIGANOVA Horizon have come up with a joint concept and matching creation for the design of the showroom in order to present the products relating to the sporting highlights taking place in summer 2024 in an eye-catching way. The brand experience specialists and the Group’s digital experts complement each other perfectly with their expertise in this collaboration.

Focus on immersive customer experience

The stage for the highlights surrounding the European Football Championships, the Copa Americana and, above all, the Olympics, is a specially programmed installation consisting of digital screens and coordinated voice takeovers that make entering the showroom an unforgettable and immersive experience. The end result: an inviting showroom that functions as a seasonal ordering platform and offers an immersive experience. Here, visitors are immersed in a world where products merge with the sounds and images of the summer sports highlights – encouraging them to buy.

Torsten Dietz, CEO of the LIGANOVA Group: “We have pooled our expertise for adidas and created a brand space that sets new standards: customers immerse themselves in the showroom with all their senses and experience the products as part of an immersive overall impression. We are convinced by this type of product presentation and are very excited about the results.”

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