Metverse Fashion Week

Luxury Event on SOIL


As part of Metaverse Fashion Week, together with our Group Company Artificial Rome, we hosted “Legacy of Tomorrow” – an exclusive luxury event on our next-level Metaverse platform SOIL.

For the premiere of our exclusive luxury event digital brands like altr and The Fabricant presented their collections as a premium experience. The luxury fashion show was curated by Kadine James, Metaverse fashion pioneer and founder of The Immersive KIND. Artificial Rome’s platform allows guests to explore outfits in a virtual, photo-realistic environment. The focus is one timeless luxury and high-resolution imagery. SOIL is fully customizable and was developed with brand design and a high-quality user experience in mind.


Imagine SOIL as the building blocks to make a virtual experience. It’s a modular solution – be it integrating chat functionality, detailed movement and gestures, integrating a NFT wallet, embedding video, etc. Client needs will define what the next SOIL experience looks like. Most of all, these experiences come with a higher engagement and a far higher conversion rate than conventional web experiences.

As SOIL is built in Unreal Engine – the most powerful 3D creative tool in the world, when combined with the design and creativity of Artificial Rome, it’s a very dynamic combination. Metaverse guests explore spaces and find something different each time they visit the world-class designed environments.

Need inspiration?

Here’s a small collection of what to start in SOIL!

– live events with DJs or bands
– showcasing products
– virtual meet and greets
– allowing customers to design their next purchase (cars, etc)
– virtual work/cooperation spaces
– talks and presentations
– NFT sales

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