Welcome Greta Thaysen


Greta Thaysen joins our LIGANOVA universe as Director Office Berlin.

In our ChitChat with her, she reveals what drives her in particular, what she envisions in her new role, and what she loves to spend her time doing. Get to know her & enjoy reading!

What goals are at the top of your agenda?

“My main goal is to turn the Berlin office of LIGANOVA into a sustainability hub, thereby pushing the company towards reaching its ambitious sustainability goals. I believe that with a green transformative mindset, the right expertise at hand and a hands-on attitude, we have the power to set new standards for both our clients and the industry.

I also aim to push the integration of our partner agencies’ innovative competencies into our daily business, thereby unlocking LIGANOVA’s full creative potential, creating new business and servicing our clients on additional levels.”

Your decision to join LIGANOVA – what was the decisive factor?

“LIGANOVA’s dedication to sustainability was the decisive factor in joining the company. I quit my last agency job because I was missing a clear commitment on integrating sustainability into the core business and the service proposal and opted to do an MBA in Sustainability Management instead. Upon being approached by LIGANOVA, the company’s willingness to invest into a green team, into sustainable offerings and into the transformative mindset that the industry needs won my heart over.”

What has been the most exciting challenge of your career so far?

“Launching (and crashing) a fashion label. I co-founded it together with a designer who had previously worked at Balenciaga and Maison Margiela. We were based in Berlin and showed at Paris Fashion Week. We sold at some very big renown international concept stores, but being based in a city far away from the fashion hotspots made it impossible to properly get our foot in the door of the international fashion sphere. I guess the fact that we made very progressive and very expensive sustainable fashion for a target group that back then barely existed also contributed to our lack of success. After 3 intense years, we lost an investor and had to let our studio and employees go. It was a both a very exciting and emotional experience with a steep learning curve. On a positive note: I failed faster to come out stronger.”

When you are not working – how do you like to spend your free time?

“Being a nature-kid at heart, I love being in the woods or swimming in Berlin’s lakes. I also love the richness of Berlin’s cultural scene and try to spend as much time as I can visiting galleries and museums or listening to lectures and talks. I also have two little kids (Liv, who will turn 5 in July, and Neo, who is one and a half) that are at the centre of any free time I have. Although it doesn’t always work out as desired, the combination of family and nature or family and culture represent my idea of happiness.”

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