Welcome Meike Hartelust

Meike Hartelust


Meike Hartelust joins our company group as Managing Director at LIGANOVA Netherlands.

To get to know Meike a little bit more, we’ve asked her to be part of our “Chit Chat” and answer a few questions – some about business, others more personal. Enjoy reading on!

What goals are at the top of your agenda?

“First and foremost, I would like to get to know the team, get an understanding of the clients and the projects they are working on and the things they would like to do or achieve, for their clients and on a personal level, in the future.

Furthermore, I am looking forward to building on the foundation that Thomas has laid down and grow the business further not only in POS but also in Experience Solutions. Focussing on the creative, the phygital and the sustainable aspects of potential projects.”

Your decision to join LIGANOVA Amsterdam – what was the decisive factor?

“The decisive factor was the positive energy of all the people I spoke to in the application process as well as the overall company ambitions. The reason to apply in the first place was that everything that I have enjoyed working on in my previous career and education comes together within LIGANOVA (creativity, business and brands).”

What has been the most exciting challenge of your career so far?

“It is difficult to choose one but I guess it comes down to all projects that we managed to achieve while totally pressured for time, budget and resources, making the impossible possible without compromising the result. Images are from the Porcelain Room exhibition at Fondazione Prada in Milan, the Beethoven exhibition for the Kunst Historisches Museum in Vienna and the projects we did in China for Cindy Chao The Art Jewel Brand while we could not travel there. So, we had to do all the design and execution work remotely. But, obviously, I can also dig up some stories from my time at Nike and Levi‘s. On a more abstract level, successfully building and growing the business and the team at Tom Postma Design and staying on track during all the Covid challenges.”

When you are not working – how do you like to spend your free time?

“I am not a marathon runner, a padel queen or a hard core yogi – although I do spend some time running, playing padel or doing yoga in my free time. But, if I look at the film roll on my phone from the past few weeks, I realise that most of my free time is spend on various social outings with my family (husband and 2 daughters aged 16 and 14…and extended family) and friends and walking the foster dog we took care of for three months. And I very much enjoy looking at and experiencing everything that is art, design and architecture related and catches my eye both on and off-line.”

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