Building upon our commitment to climate action in accordance with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we have set ambitious goals to reduce our carbon emissions for our company group – and our client business in the retail industry.

For our remaining carbon footprint we work with our independent partner DEKRA to offset our emissions and mitigate climate change by supporting carbon offset projects — paving our way to achieve carbon neutrality by 2025.

Our commitment goes far beyond emissions reduction – focusing on complementary social, economical & environmental measures as well.

Science comes first

We support the UN Sustainable Development Goals and based our corporate sustainability strategy and corresponding measures on them. Furthermore, we believe in climate science and the importance of a data based approach. That’s why we are quantifying our sustainability efforts wherever possible.

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Climate &Resources

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SustainableSupply Chain

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People &Culture

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Climate &Resources

Climate & Resources

The climate & resources pillar covers everything we consume within our corporate carbon footprint and what we do in our client projects resulting in emissions & resources used.

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  • CO2 reduction and net-zero by 2025
  • Resource conservation
  • Major shift to sustainable client solutions

Selected Measures

  • Reduction of scope 2 and 3 CO2 emissions by 50% by 2023 & climate neutrality by 2025 in business activities
  • Reduction of resource consumption & waste
  • Increase usage of sustainable products
  • 95% sustainable material alternatives by 2025
  • 90% plastic-free packaging by 2023
  • CO2 compensated shipping

Case Studies

LIGANOVA | Sustainability | Sustainable Material Database

Sustainable Material Database:
One of our first steps was to take a critical look at the materials used in our client campaigns. We developed a sustainable material database that includes innovative materials, from recycled & recyclable to regenerative & renewable and biodegradable & compostable, all paired with their individual CO2 footprints per kg.

LIGANOVA | Sustainability | CO2 Calculator

Green Gen Calculator:
Data is the heart of everything we do. Quantifying change means transparency. To provide this transparency, we created the very first CO2 Calculator for retail campaigns – measuring all value creation phases from the design process, to production & roll-out, and a campaign’s end-of-life. The result: a KPI dashboard for our clients.

SustainableSupply Chain

Sustainable Supply Chain

The sustainable supply chain pillar is all about standards setting, procurement guideline implementation, supplier audits and working with our suppliers – taking a partnership approach to build sustainable and lasting capabilities.

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  • Supplier Development Program
  • Highest sustainability standards for suppliers
  • Transparency & common objectives

Selected Measures

  • 100% of permanent suppliers sign code of conduct by 2023
  • Top 30 suppliers awarded with a sustainability badge by 2025
  • 10% of permanent suppliers audited by 2023 / 25% by 2025
  • Procurement guideline implementation by 2022

Case Studies

LIGANOVA | Sustainability | Supplier Development Program

Supplier Development Program:
Only when we work together can we achieve lasting, permanent change. Through our Supplier Development Program, we follow a strategic roadmap to foster knowledge and empower our partners in all aspects of sustainability. We enable and reward change – setting a new standard for sustainable supply chains in retail.

LIGANOVA | Sustainability | Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct:
Our supplier Code of Conduct is a mandatory standard that each supplier must fulfill. This commitment fosters the highest standards of sustainability in all environmental, economical & social aspects.

People &Culture

People & Culture

We prioritize physical and mental health, along with safety & wellbeing. We are committed to providing an inclusive workplace where our community can thrive, succeed and achieve their potential.

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  • Diversity & inclusion
  • Mental & physical health of our people
  • Training & education
  • Future of work

Selected Measures

  • Diversity charter by 2022
  • Annual collection of diversity KPIs
  • Increase employee satisfaction
  • Development & training of our community members

Case Studies

LIGANOVA | Sustainability | Working Model for Parents

Working Model for Parents:
Work and family life should never never be a compromise. We offer family days and have developed flexible working models for the parents in our community. “Liganova provides me with the freedom and flexibility to find my personal balance between work and family through remote work, flexible working times and part time work.” – A working parent

LIGANOVA | Sustainability | World Mental Health Week Offerings

World Mental Health Week Offerings:
Every year we celebrate World Mental Health Week, raising awareness on this important topic while providing insights, tips and time to relax through workshops, expert talks, massages, meditation, yoga, smoothies and much more …


Sustainability Management

The sustainability management pillar ensures that we stay true to our sustainability values and purpose, and that we are held accountable through a combination of sustainability ratings, reporting initiatives, communications, stakeholder engagement while systematically integrating sustainability into our client conversations.

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  • Reporting
  • Client transformation
  • Systematic integration

Selected Measures

  • 100% revenue from sustainable projects by 2025
  • EcoVadis Gold Rating by 2025
  • Sustainability reports

Case Studies

LIGANOVA | Sustainability | Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitskodex

Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitskodex:
We report in accordance with the 20 sustainability criteria outlined by the Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitskodex and have published a DNK-declaration.

LIGANOVA | Sustainability | Ecovadis Silver

Ecovadis Silver:
We received our EcoVadis Silver rating on our first application attempt, landing us in the top 7% of our industry. We will use this feedback to focus on material improvement areas and will take part in another rating soon.


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“We do not take shortcuts. Emission reduction comes first. However, when further reduction is not possible, we offset our carbon footprint.”


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