Experience Solutions – Virtual Sell-In


The ongoing travel constrictions have slowed down and hampered many aspects of life and also business. Take Adidas and their mission to excite their key buyers from all around the globe for next year’s FIFA World Cup products. However, what initially appeared to be a challenge was turned into an opportunity – or rather, an impressive digital experience:
Within a central, virtual sell-in event, 150 dealers and more than 1,500 buyers worldwide were welcomed digitally and introduced to next year’s World Cup collection, providing them with all information necessary to get familiar with the future must-haves.

The interactive event was split in two to ensure a thrilling product presentation and information flow: For the first part, holograms of Adidas’ CEOs welcomed the digital crowd participating and shared some outlooks on the brand’s strategic direction and the FIFA World Cup in Qatar next year. Following a brand movie, the VR experience presents a variety of products, including the official World Cup ball as well as various shoes, jerseys and other global World Cup products offered by the sports goods brand. In the second part, details about each item, its designs, materials and special features were highlighted and further explained. The virtual setup also allows the view of each product again in detail.

LIGANOVA was responsible for the conception, creation, content creation, technical elaboration, programming, design, and project management of the virtual event as well as the logistics of the technical hardware.

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