Brand & Retail Spaces – A+A Fair Booth

One of a kind exhibition booth

The A+A trade fair, the world’s foremost workplace safety, security, and health event, saw Birkenstock’s collaboration with LIGANOVA for a light-flooded exhibition booth. The German footwear brand showcased its latest protective footwear collections to a global audience within the medical, Horeca, and industry sectors. The exhibit booth stood out with a height of almost four meters.

Featuring a timber framework, a solid base for showcasing craftsmanship, innovation, and dependable ergonomic footwear was created. The translucent textile which was woven around the framework composed an emotionally resonant atmosphere, evoking warmth, authenticity, and a connection to nature.

One of the many highlight features at the trade fair stand was the iconic custom made light installation, referring to the legendary Birkenstock footbed, to light up the client’s memorable space.

Focused on evoking powerful emotions and providing an unforgettable brand experience LIGANOVA transformed a regular trade booth into an extraordinary experience space. The warm and inviting ambiance presented the positive impact of Birkenstock Professional shoes, taking the versatile working environments into account.

LIGANOVA expertly handled the conception and design, planning, and execution of the fair booth in Düsseldorf.

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