POS Campaign – Windows Displays

Minimalist Luxury

For COS’ Spring, Summer & Autumn campaigns we transformed window images and pieces of the collection for the store displays in a way that exudes luxury, showcases creative combinations of form, texture, and color, and aligns with the brand’s emphasis on minimalism. The campaign focused on breathing new life into the faded elegance of Europe’s historic urban architecture and artistically reinterpreting it. It represents a common belief in the transformative power of creativity and design, by bringing a vision of boldness, luxury and modern aesthetics to life in London, Paris, Milan, Vienna, Berlin, and New York City.

By installing a faux perspective villa window, we aimed to create an immersive visual experience for viewers, aiming to transport them to a luxurious European vacation setting.

LIGANOVA was entrusted with the full execution of COS’ store campaigns, including production, roll-out, and installation. The scope of work extended beyond design to bring to life the entire visual narrative for COS, ensuring seamless execution and alignment with their brand vision.

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Victor, Design Manager

From the streets of Europe at the beginning of the year to now the vibrant heart of Asia, we embarked on a journey to infuse the fresh spectrum of colors into stores in Seoul, Hong Kong and Beijing.We elevated their windows, marking them as flagship destinations in the Far East. Our team was at the forefront, orchestrating the execution, production, installation, and co-design of this panoramic showcase across four stores in two countries, transforming ten windows in just four days. The project was a symphony of coordination and creativity, matching our European execution standards with the expertise of local partners.

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