Brand Experience – Virtual Vert Metamorph Experience

Pushing the boundaries of phygital experiences

The Italian brand Diesel took its first steps into the metaverse almost two years ago, and now the renowned fashion brand is once again conquering virtual spaces with the VERT experience. The idea, concept and implementation come from LIGANOVA Group company Artificial Rome.

Diesel expands its presence in the metaverse with a new watch collection called VERT. The new collection comes with NFT (non-fungible token) avatars. In addition, an immersive virtual world of the same name invites the Diesel community and pushes the boundaries of reality, engages the senses and inspires the imagination.

The innovative project takes the concept of the metaverse to a new level and is exemplary of a pioneering fusion of fashion, technology and virtual worlds. The focus of the VERT experience is digital in combination with a gamification approach in retail for a seamless link between online and offline experiences. Anyone who purchases a watch from the new collection will receive a code that can be used to register for a corresponding NFT. This token develops in three stages into an individual avatar (called A:VERT:AR), which can be used as part of a captivating metaverse event – staged on Artificial Rome’s Soil Metaverse platform.

LIGANOVA was responsible for the in-store staging of the experience in five flagship stores around the world – Paris, Barcelona, New York, Las Vegas and Tokyo. Interacting with eye-catching consoles, store visitors can enter the virtual Vert Metamorph experience via the interactive installations and engage with other players from around the world.

Take a look behind the scenes with us

Insights of Dieselwith Felix

Felix, Senior Spatial Designer

We placed Felix, Senior Spatial Designer at LIGANOVA, in a hot seat, posing all kinds of questions about what it was like creating a phygital installation for a major fashion brand like Diesel. Dive in to get to know more about creative challenges.

Insights of Dieselwith Daniel

Daniel, Project Manager

Daniel, Project Manager at LIGANOVA, shares his insights of managing this global coup that came with many logistical challenges and various time zones to work in. Dive in to get to know more about our global network.

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