POS Campaign – Festive Campaign


Every year again, Nespresso has us set up an impressive installation for its Festive Campaign in collaboration with a renowned artist. This year’s campaign “Gifts of the Forest” has multiple layers to it: Not only are the storefronts covered with beautifully designed tropical ornaments for which Colombian fashion designer Johanna Ortiz was inspired by the wonders of the rainforest but customers and passersby can scan a QR code and step straight into a festively decorated AR rainforest themselves!

Features of Gamification aim for consumers to playfully interact and to draw customers into the store by enabling the chance to win free goodies. Further, some of the shop’s windows feature in-house developed sound transducers to appeal to all senses. On top, Nespresso is respectful of preserving the rainforest by backing NGO Conservation International and funding the protection of 10 million trees in the Amazon!

The AR enhanced retail campaign brings across its festive spirits round the globe and sets new standards with its unconventional approach: 650 boutiques and 140 storefronts worldwide – from New Caledonia to the Netherlands, Belgium to Brazil – are enchanted by the concept that was developed in unison with Johanna Ortiz and branding experts at FutureBrand. Looking to increase brand awareness for Nespresso and create a “drive to” store, we were tasked with the campaign and storefront extension, which was primarily intended to ensure relevance and visibility among the younger and more digitally savvy target group.

LIGANOVA was responsible for the creative implementation, production and global roll-out, as well as the development of the phygital experience world.

Sustainability Spotlight on our Nespresso Festive Campaign

66% CO2 savings compared to similar retail campaign.

65% reduction in project carbon footprint from shipping by using lightweight materials (compared to the average industry benchmark).

98% in CO2 emissions by using more renewable materials (compared to the initial design briefing).

100% collaboration with carbon neutral shipping partners.

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