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LIGANOVA | Babor | Brand Experience – Flagship Store Frankfurt


A paradise for beauty lovers: The new BABOR flagship store in the heart of Frankfurt makes beauty all in all experienceable and offers a broad variety of visitor occasions. A place where science, beauty, aesthetics, and hospitality come together, the store is divided into various experience dimensions which add extra functions beyond a pure retail format. With dedicated areas for service, brand, product, hospitality, community and check out, the flagship store not only stages brand and products but rather focuses on customer treatments in all facets. The futuristic fountain by the entrance functions as a centerpiece, combining a nice welcoming gesture and product staging.

The color codes and surfaces of the store design are strategically derived from the brand’s strength of blending apparent opposites: The elements of water, oil and volcano are deeply anchored in the company history as well as in the products. The dark backwall represents the volcano by coating the inner part of the store. The shelfs and tables demonstrate the water part through sharp and smooth forms to express purity and well-being, and the visual merchandising tools bring the element of oil to life in the store.

For the BABOR flagship store, LIGANOVA won the German Design Award 2020 in the category “Excellent Architecture.”

LIGANOVA was responsible for the strategy, design & store concept, architecture, technical drawings and execution planning.

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