POS Campaign – Global VM Campaign


The tradition-rich whiskey Jameson embarked on a world tour as part of a visual marketing campaign. The campaign focused on both the multifaceted heritage of the Irish Original, as well as its distinctive manufacturing process. In order to communicate the authentic character of the Irish whiskey brand as realistically as possible, moving pictures and sound were staged in true-to-detail, original settings and were effectively backed up by call-to-action.

“I saw the window and thought – I'll have a look inside.”

In the window of the Parisian delicatessen Julhès, the attention of passers-by was awakened by an interactive window – the so-called “Jameson Machine”.

For the global visual marketing campaign, the interactive window in Paris – the so-called “Jameson Machine” – was the starting point. This mechanically-driven, interactive window display – reminiscent of the high-quality mechanical toys of the last century – recounted the brand’s charming history and its development process. The vintage character of the window animated passers-by to linger: “Information about whiskey is often shoptalk for experts” said one of them, “but here everything is wonderfully visually rendered. I saw the window and thought – I’ll have a look inside.” Inside the shop, further facets of the Jameson brand could be sensorially experienced, with a tasting table where the different Jameson whiskeys can be tasted and a brand ambassador to competently explain the world of Jameson.

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