Hugo Boss

Brand Experience – BOSS Mobile Store

Sporty ambassador on tour

The BOSS Mobile Store, a truck-based mobile golf store with a sporty white high-gloss finish is fitted out with the latest technology and is fully multifunctional. As a brand ambassador for BOSS Green it visited several venues in Europe for five years.

The unit was designed as a brand ambassador, creating mobile buzz for the products and therefore utilized materials and technology that reflected HUGO BOSS’ brand image. The “sporty” white high-gloss finish of the unit was built utilizing Dibond aluminum composite. The challenge was to design an outer skin for the mobile store which can quickly be opened up at any location while at the same time radiating an atmosphere at all times of the day and night to attract the general public.

For this, the design employed a series of custom slats for the exterior that were stable, low weight, and flexible. During the day, the slats opened and allowed a heavy influx of natural light to bounce off of the reflective white interior. Additionally, the slats were created with integrated RGB strips on the outer edge that enabled iPad controlled lighting to further entice passersby. The green LEDs, which contrast the bright white design, create a visual representation of the BOSS Green brand.

LIGANOVA was responsible for the conception, design, planning and production, along with the holistic project management.

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