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The Hauptstadt is known to do things differently, so it just seemed natural to (un)follow the rules once more: For its recent store openings in Vienna, Salzburg and Berlin, Liebeskind Berlin was wrapped in recycled plastic foil covering its interior entirely and, thus, transformed into one big art installation. Barcelona-based artists Penique Productions were the forces behind this fashionable disguise that blurred the elements of a conventional retail space behind layers of red, blue, or orange, paying homage to the unique edginess of Berlin, Liebeskind’s homebase.

The main inspiration for the revamped stores – affectionately called ‘LiebesKIEZ’ – was derived from Berlin’s infamous districts that stand for individuality and controversy, and allowed a mere store opening to turn into an authentic experience: From latex layers in neon, to DJ cages behind the decks – everything resembled the wicked, notorious, and loud nightlife ambiance of Berlin, and was celebrated accordingly.

LIGANOVA was responsible for the creative conception, the curation and handling of influencers, as well as the realization of all three evening events.

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