Brand Experience – Localization Concept & Store Opening


This flagship store has it all – made sustainably. The adidas Halo store we recently opened up with our client, radiates in a stylish, sustainable design. After having been commissioned with the localization concept and retail marketing execution of a fresh, new brand space for the sportswear giant in April, this Warsaw exclusive opened its doors to the public on the first of September. ⁠

From 14 individual touchpoints to fun, focal elements, like vibrant neon lights, the art and materials incorporated in the store have been provided by local artists and local suppliers to be highly relevant within the Warsaw Gen-Z target group and the polish sports community! And it gets even better: All of the art comes with meaning; highlighting the sustainability move by drawing attention to local and global sustainability & equality in sports.

Check out the window design and entry way which deals with plastic pollution in oceans and rivers and how artist Joanna Polaczyk elaborates female empowerment in her work ‘Breaking Barriers’ which spreads across one of the stores’ walls. We very much enjoyed cooperating with diverse Polish artisans and truly love the outcome of this one-of-a-kind store. Want more insights on the materials adidas is using for this flagship? All of it is renewable, recycled or recyclable and mostly, durable and stunning at the same time.

LIGANOVA is responsible for the localization concept and the translation into an implementable store design, as well as the realization process on-site.

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