Brand Experience - Phygital Event “Reclaim the Internet: Reimagining Our Digital Future”

Immersive Brand Experience and Award Show

Mozilla’s exhibit ‘Reclaim the Internet: Reimagining Our Digital Future’ was held at Alte Münze in Berlin. The immersive experience was topped off by an inspiring award show, which celebrated visionary individuals devoted to creating a better online world while promoting privacy and security in technology use. LIGANOVA and LIGANOVA HORIZON designed and together with artists executed the immersive phygital six day brand experience for Mozilla, who has been a renowned pioneer in advocating for the open internet for over 25 years now. The non-profit organization aims to rejuvenate its commitment to an ethical, responsible, and inclusive web by collaborating with us on this remarkable event.

Unitedly, our entities curated a series of spatial experiences that encouraged attendees to ‘Reclaim the Internet’ themselves. These experiences, divided into four thematic rooms – Reclaim Expression, Reclaim Creativity, Reclaim Wonder, and Reclaim Community – challenged the existing norms and highlighted a promising digital future. The award show, titled ‘Rise25’, was presented by Rabea Schif, and was streamed live globally. All other evenings we hosted several event formats including panel talks with international speakers and networking opportunities.

Besides the collaboration with LIGANOVA Horizon for the experience spaces, LIGANOVA was in charge of the strategy, consulting and orchestration of the whole event as well as the award show that closed the event.

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