POS Campaign – Compostable Capsules Campaign

Home Compostable Collection

Our client Nespresso recently introduced the Swiss and French markets to the Compostable Capsules, and we are delighted to have orchestrated this exquisite, handcrafted in-store campaign for our partner. The magic of the campaign was to bring to life an extraordinary display featuring sky-high wooden wall sculptures and furniture.

In order to embrace the essence of the product, we unitedly crafted a range of furniture and signature decoration for the in-store product presentation. The product carriers, all are fire-certified, underwent a meticulous process where plaster was applied by hand to give each furniture a unique structure. For refinement the elements received several layers of premium paint to ensure durability for several years of continuous operation. Beautiful wooden wall sculptures trail up to five meters in height, creating an unseen elegant look. For this purpose, Kraftplex was exclusively produced in special formats, enabling seamless slats for every element and contributing to the overall beautiful aesthetic.

LIGANOVA was responsible for the development and production of this visually stunning campaign, which was designed by Future Brand.

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