Brand Experience – Pilotstore Zurich


In order to newly position themselves, Läderach approached LIGANOVA for a full makeover of their visual appearance and language. We supported the Swiss premium chocolatier in redirecting the Läderach stores to the lifestyles of progressive, modern clients with all their diverse needs and demands. The result: Läderach has opened their first pilot store in Sihlcity, Zürich, and it beams on all layers!

The idea behind the concept is to enable flow in the store. Thus, all elements needed to be in perfect harmony to one another in order to allow such synchronized movement. Flow as in nature or in the assembly of making chocolate is represented in the material used throughout the store: Shell limestone, terrazzo and brass make for an elegant but natural atmosphere, which is ruptured up by rough edges on the shelves. The latter equals the fractures that emerge when breaking a bar of chocolate. The neutral tones and natural materials achieve a look that emerges as fresh, premium and inviting. Further, fun, phygital tools have been implemented as storytelling elements so the store itself can do the talking and speak to the Läderach community.

LIGANOVA is responsible for the creative concept, production and realization process on-site of the new concept store.

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