POS Campaign – Stan Smith, Forever


For our client adidas, LIGANOVA realized the “Stan Smith, Forever” campaign, including design engineering, production, project management, implementation, and sustainability consulting. The campaign stretches out over 23 retail stores located across Europe, including flagship stores in London, Barcelona, Madrid, and Berlin – and also a huge message.

The “Stan Smith, Forever” campaign is all about sustainability – and how to implement it in retail design. All materials were chosen to be as sustainable as possible, from recycled plastic to cardboards, and no PVC containing materials were used; in addition, the application of fit-to-size packaging methods minimized waste, resulting in:

64% reduction in the project’s carbon footprint.

60% CO2 savings, compared to a sports industry benchmark.

At the end of the campaign, the majority of the material will be introduced into our recycling cycle to provide it with another life.

Green Gen

Within our Green Gen initiative we create CO2 optimized global Point of Sale campaigns to embrace a sustainable future – changing the environmental impact of retail marketing for good.


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