Brand Experience – Studio Odeonsplatz by Mercedes-Benz


Studio Odeonsplatz by Mercedes-Benz – As part of a long-term cooperation, Mercedes-Benz and LIGANOVA have launched the first Programmatic BrandExperience Space in Munich, comprehensively tailored to the needs of a modern and digital-savy target audience.

A prototype for innovative and connected content hubs, Studio Odeonsplatz offers a unique approach to brand experiences in creativity, art, content and digitalization. The immersive and ever-changing “walkable Instagram space” spreads across 400 m², redefines the future of urban physical brand spaces while building a local and global community.

The store is transformed into a phygital media space: At Studio Odeonsplatz everything – from the concept and infrastructure to the entire brand communication – is understood as a media space that is filled with content that has a new quality: curated and immersive; from physical to digital and constantly changing.

The space is topped off with a coworking & community area as well as premium hospitality provided at the deli bar in collaboration with Michelin-starred Mural Restaurant.

Studio Odeonsplatz by Mercedes-Benz is the prototype of a networked content hub and the future of commercial brand spaces.



The whole space is an interface that's brought to life through curated content. For the temporary campaigns, LIGANOVA’s content experts curate designers, artists, technologists and creative makers to tell interactive brand stories and showcase cutting-edge installations that reflect the zeitgeist and drive in-store interaction to the next level. LIGANOVA is also responsible for the development of the overall campaign themes and various formats.


Studio Odeonsplatz blends the analog and digital worlds, and fosters the exploration of never-seen-before phygital experiences. LIGANOVA developed the in-location app EXOS that connects the space with changing digital content and turns it into an interactive stage, ensuring the ultimate connected visitor journey.

Studio Odeonsplatz is the prototype of a networked content hub and the future of commercial brand spaces.


Design is a hotbed of innovation. Our sixth campaign at Studio Odeonsplatz, ‘The Design Edit’ creates a space built around the endless insight and inspiration to be found in the world of design – highlighting and celebrating its role in every aspect of life, from mobility, fashion and interiors to sustainability and co-creation. The story started unfolding in October, with an impressive highlight installation:

Paying homage to the patent of the airbag which celebrates its 50th anniversary, Mercedes-Benz teamed up with designer Heron Preston for conceptual looks made of recycled airbag materials. The upcycled airbags have further turned into the shoot’s inflatable set which will be repurposed and appear exclusively at Studio Odeonsplatz for the first time after its debut at Berlin Fashion Week.

Meanwhile, in mid-November, ‘The Design Edit’ has unveiled its second facet and turned into a stylish pop-up: For this, Mercedes-Benz united with acclaimed New York-based fashion brand Proenza Schouler, known for drawing inspiration from contemporary art and youth culture, to create an exclusive capsule collection of considered, responsible luxury design and craft.

The collection ‘The Power of Two’ captures the spirit of wanderlust and cross-generational family bonds and features Oscar-winning actress Laura Dern and her son, model and musician Ellery Harper. Taking inspiration from travel and the open road, this limited edition includes seven gender neutral styles that serve as elevated components crafted for a luxury traveler’s needs. The pieces of the collection reflect the passion of both brands for exquisite materials and outstanding design and are available at only few, selected retailers worldwide – some of the items can also be purchased at Studio Odeonsplatz.

In addition to this inspiring collaboration, ‘The Design Edit’ features another rarity: The Mercedes-Benz C111 that has never been for sale, but used instead to test all kinds of new engines and bodies, is now on beautiful display at our brand experience space.
Throughout the next weeks, various workshops and interactive sessions will take place on fashion, design and sustainability, putting the spotlight on co-creation and social engagement.



What hidden powers and people behind the scenes shape the reality we live in? ‘Hidden Heroes’ tackled this question by shifting the spotlight to the small, yet indispensable elements that create and complete the world and still are often overlooked in the grand scheme of things. The centerpieces of this campaign were two beautiful 3D-installations by Dirk Bonn and Janet Echelmann that picked up the spirit of interconnectedness and attention to detail.


Our past campaign “Shine on” created a space to reconnect us, the people, with the cosmos, invoking a sense of wonder and limitlessness. Featured artist Sara Shakeel supported this thought with her artwork which shows real-life objects in a new, dazzling light. Her main art piece brought to life a Mercedes-Benz SL 320 with crystal illusions – creating a unique phygital experience, placing the visitor somewhere between fiction & reality with a little sparkle.

Liganova | Studio Odeonsplatz | Hidden Heroes
Liganova | Studio Odeonsplatz | Interactive Intelligence


“Interactive Intelligence” stepped into the modern interaction of man and machine. As machines are becoming of increasing importance and power, especially due to the implementation of AI technology, at the same time, social connections between humans are shifting to the digital realm. At its heart, the campaign featured the engaging installation The Future of Secrets by Sarah Newman.


‘Projekt Geländewagen’ is the first outcome of a unique collaboration between Mercedes-Benz Chief Design Officer Gorden Wagener and Virgil Abloh, Chief Creative Director and Founder of Off-White and Men’s Artistic Director of Louis Vuitton. This legendary design piece combining the worlds of fashion, art & automotive in an unprecedented way was exhibited at Studio Odeonsplatz for 4 weeks.

Liganova | Studio Odeonsplatz | Virgil Abloh
Liganova | Studio Odeonsplatz | Studio Mary_Lennox


The second campaign ‘New Awakening’ was intended to encourage new visions. Cooperation partner was the renowned Berlin-based flower art label “Studio Mary Lennox”. Ruby Barber, its founder and creative director, transformed Studio Odeonsplatz into a modern, seasonal space with an exclusive installation of botanical art and a staging of the vintage and iconic “Mercedes 300 SL”.


The launch campaign was ‘Silver Garage’, a theme that fused freedom, openness and maker optimism to spark inner drive. The concept featured a collaboration with Berlin-based experience lab Studio of Wonders which translated the campaign theme into instagrammable visual statements, interactive photo settings and installations at the studio.

Liganova | Odeonsplatz | Gif Silver Garage 01

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