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Studio Odeonsplatz by Mercedes-Benz – As part of a long-term cooperation, Mercedes-Benz and LIGANOVA have launched the first Programmatic BrandExperience Space in Munich, comprehensively tailored to the needs of a modern and digital-savy target audience.

A prototype for innovative and connected content hubs, Studio Odeonsplatz offers a unique approach to brand experiences in creativity, art, content and digitalization. The immersive and ever-changing “walkable Instagram space”, spread across 400 m², redefines the future of urban physical brand spaces while building a local & global community.

The store is transformed into a phygital media space: At Studio Odeonsplatz everything – from the concept and infrastructure to the entire brand communication – is understood as a media space that is filled with content that has a new quality: curated and immersive; from physical to digital and constantly changing.

The space is topped off with a coworking and community area as well as premium hospitality provided at the deli bar in collaboration with Michelin-starred Mural Restaurant.

Studio Odeonsplatz by Mercedes-Benz is the prototype of a networked content hub and the future of commercial brand spaces.



The whole space is an interface that's brought to life through curated content. For the temporary campaigns, LIGANOVA’s content experts curate designers, artists, technologists and creative makers to tell interactive brand stories and showcase cutting-edge installations that reflect the zeitgeist and drive in-store interaction to the next level. LIGANOVA is also responsible for the development of the overall campaign themes and various formats.

Studio Odeonsplatz | Interactive Intelligence | TempCampaign
Studio Odeonsplatz | Interactive Intelligence | Phygital


Studio Odeonsplatz blends the analog and digital worlds, and fosters the exploration of never-seen-before phygital experiences. LIGANOVA developed the in-location app EXOS that connects the space with changing digital content and turns it into an interactive stage, ensuring the ultimate connected visitor journey.

Studio Odeonsplatz is the prototype of a networked content hub and the future of commercial brand spaces.


The overarching campaign “Interactive Intelligence” steps into the modern interaction of man and machine. Advances in technology are bringing an unprecedented human aura to the digital realm, and complex systems are becoming ever easier to operate. Machines are adapting more and more to human habits and needs, with AI among the most important technologies – from chatbots to the Internet of Things. At the same time, social interactions are shifting overwhelmingly to the digital realm and people everywhere are missing out on authentic connections.

The Interactive Intelligence campaign dives into this emerging human-machine interaction. At its heart, the campaign features an engaging installation by Sarah Newman, Director of Art & Education at metaLAB at Harvard, the leading institution in the field of experimental arts and humanities, who works at the intersection of research and art to investigate technology’s role in human experience.

Alongside the installation, the topic of human-machine interaction is explored through a playful, moderated dialog. The overall campaign topic comes to life in various other ways: after grabbing their personal 3D printed Mercedes-Benz star, visitors are invited to play Bot or Not, a game created by New York-based design and research studio Foreign Objects: they have to decide whether or not their opponent is human after chatting with them for a few minutes. Another cool quiz game awaits them at the Interactive Wall – with the opportunity to even start a fun tournament with some friends.

How man and machine interaction will look like in the new Mercedes EQS can be experienced via the Hyperscreen Kiosk: It’s an interior space model of the all-electric car and for the very first time exclusively showcased in Europe at Studio Odeonsplatz.



‘Projekt Geländewagen’ is the first outcome of a unique collaboration between Mercedes-Benz Chief Design Officer Gorden Wagener and Virgil Abloh, Chief Creative Director and Founder of Off-White and Men’s Artistic Director of Louis Vuitton. This legendary design piece combining the worlds of fashion, art & automotive in an unprecedented way was exhibited at Studio Odeonsplatz for 4 weeks.

Studio Odeonsplatz | Interactive Intelligence | VirgilAbloh
Studio Odeonsplatz | Interactive Intelligence | STUDIO_MARY_LENNOX


The second campaign ‘New Awakening’ was intended to encourage new visions. Cooperation partner was the renowned Berlin-based flower art label “Studio Mary Lennox”. Ruby Barber, its founder and creative director, transformed Studio Odeonsplatz into a modern, seasonal space with an exclusive installation of botanical art and a staging of the vintage and iconic “Mercedes 300 SL”.


The launch campaign was ‘Silver Garage’, a theme that fused freedom, openness and maker optimism to spark inner drive. The concept featured a collaboration with Berlin-based experience lab Studio of Wonders which translated the campaign theme into instagrammable visual statements, interactive photo settings and installations at the studio.

Studio Odeonsplatz | Interactive Intelligence | STUDIO_OF_WONDERS

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