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Sport brings people together and so does the instant messaging service Snapchat. For their “Together We Play” experience, LIGANOVA Netherlands transformed three padel courts at Padel NEXT in Amsterdam into vibrant spaces that reflect the spirit of Snapchat. From carefully crafted interior and spatial design to engaging activities such as games, AR experiences and music, every detail was thoughtfully curated to reflect the essence of Snapchat. The versatile space hosted hundreds of their customers, partners, press, creators and influencers.

The goal of the event was to bring the sports experience to life on Snapchat through joy and a sense of community. The event kicked off with football legends Edgar Davids & Anouk Hoogendijk, Olympic athlete Keet Oldenbeuving and Snap star Oussama Nacer (OussiFooty). In addition, special touches such as branded fries and burgers, a customized ping-pong tennis table, and specially branded padel rackets were incorporated to ensure that every aspect exuded the distinctive Snapchat vibe. The event also featured a variety of courts, including a panel court, fun court and play court, each brimming with engaging content and activities.

The event exceeded expectations, showcasing our team’s energy, creativity, and dedication in celebrating collaboration. Our Netherlands entity was responsible for taking care of the concept, including choice of location, design and execution.

Take a look behind the scenes with us

A glimpse of the event

Till, Junior Content Concepter

Follow along Till's trip to Amsterdam, where the Snapchat 'Together We Play' experience took place, to get a glimpse of the event through his lense. Enjoy the view!

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