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On behalf of our client Nespresso we’ve developed a window for the Shanghai Lungo range. This phygital installation does not only consist of a beautiful window display, it also includes a unique AR experience, making it physically as well as digitally tangible.

The creative idea is built around the theme of Shanghai Lantern Festival: On the 15th day of the first month of the lunar calendar lanterns are sent in the air with little notes and wishes for the upcoming year. The lanterns are not simply used as sources of light or decoration, instead they symbolize prosperity, reunion and a bright future.

To digitally extend the creative idea behind the Shanghai Lungo window, we’ve translated it into an AR experience: Using the corresponding Instagram and Facebook filters that have been developed in Spark AR, you can get to experience this tradition yourself – write down your wish, hang it on a lamp and let it rise! Try it out if you pass by one of the Shanghai windows with a QR code on.

Find the filters here:


Window design by FutureBrand

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