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Brand Experience – Y/our Way Masterpieces


In the role of lead agency, LIGANOVA developed the multi-launch event Y/our Way Masterpieces with our client Linde Material Handling – a globally operating manufacturer of forklifts and warehouse trucks, and a solutions and service provider for intralogistics – as a new, innovative way of presenting the brand. We accompanied the experience from conception and creation, through planning up to implementation and execution.

LIGANOVA | Linde Material Handling | Y/OUR WAY MASTERPIECES 2021

Presenting the products and values of the brand holistically made this product launch memorable in various ways. As an internal digital event for the whole sales network, the multi-launch offered the possibility to present Linde MH’s new products & solutions. For the external product presentation, the Masterpieces clip features all highlights of the year embedded on a microsite, while the Masterpieces To Go content snippets were focusing on one product or solution. This way customers could see the application in more detail within this demonstration. The clips are also available on the Masterpieces website to dive into the products after the event.

Completing the campaign, a roadshow – Masterpieces Live – took place for a whole month. With five stops across the whole country, this live event concept covered the entire German market including indoor and outdoor attractions: Selected customers got the chance to experience the brand-new products live and to test-drive the new trucks. All other markets received a concept guideline to execute Masterpieces Live in their country adapted to local requirements.

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