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LIGANOVA illuminates RITUALS in Advent

The design of shop windows is an integral part of a successful 360-degree staging, especially during the Advent season. RITUALS demonstrates how such a concept contributes to the brand with its campaign “The Ritual of Advent – 24 Moments of Joy,” conceptualized and executed by LIGANOVA.

Stuttgart, December 18, 2023. Advent transforms city centers, enticing people to marvel and shop with illuminated streets and enchanting storefronts. This was evident at Galeria, where RITUALS in Hamburg and Berlin captivated audiences with the campaign “The Ritual of Advent – 24 Moments of Joy.” The concept, design, planning, execution, including production, logistics, and installation, were all handled by LIGANOVA.

The Stuttgart specialists in high-quality brand & retail experiences placed special emphasis on the use of sustainable materials. The picturesque scenery and festive colors evoke memories of the vibrant Wes Anderson cult film “Grand Budapest Hotel.”

The Christmas concept drew inspiration from the RITUALS Christmas video, seamlessly translated by the creatives at LIGANOVA into a bright and colorful storefront campaign. At its center: the highlight product, the Advent calendar “The Ritual of Advent,” and Raymond, the RITUALS gift ambassador on a bicycle. Other campaign elements, such as pop-ups in the in-store area, engage customers and invite them to participate in a lottery for exclusive RITUALS products. To reduce the campaign’s carbon footprint, LIGANOVA used PVC-free foam, honeycomb, and cardboard panels. Additionally, the team employed a stacking and interlocking technique, eliminating the need for adhesives in most elements. The use of foldable and stackable parts also made shipping significantly more space-efficient and therefore more sustainable.

Anna Pütz, Head of Marketing DACH at RITUALS, expresses gratitude to the LIGANOVA team: “Thank you team LIGANOVA for the great and passionate work to make the Windows of Galeria tell our Countdown to Christmas story with our precious Advent Calendars!”

Torsten Dietz, Managing Director at LIGANOVA, adds: “In every step of our campaign projects, we pursue a sustainable approach. The RITUALS production showcases how well the choice of environmentally friendly options aligns with the colorful, festive Christmas spirit.”

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