Within our industry unit SPORTS we create and shape the next generation spaces for the sports marketing industry.

"The key success factors for next-gen spaces in sports are functionality, experience, participation and zeitgeist. They create an emotionally charged space that helps brands stay relevant." 

Sven Müller

Head of Sports, LIGANOVA

At LIGANOVA SPORTS, we offer in-depth experience in sports marketing that comes with an unmatched mix of creativity, design, and production skills.

Within the sports marketing offers we focus on:


Next-gen hospitality spaces are not about more champagne but more experience and added services that reflect modern luxury.We believe that fresh design and constant change will lead to new customers and more revenues and thus more resonance.


Stadiums and venues offer unmatched brand experiences and excitement. But just to a very limited amount of people and match days. Brand spaces in cities however can attract more people 365 days per year and can add significant resonance to rights-holders and their sponsors. There is a renaissance of the physical brand space. However, for the sports business we feel that this will be the next big thing!


Next gen functional spaces let athletes or fans not just better prepare, focus or recover. It will also drive identification & team spirit and reflect to the brand and sponsors they compete for. In this case more resonanceis key to success on the pitch and on point of sale.


Spaces need constant change, impulses, and multiple layers of service and technology. This is where our add-on services are coming in. Just everything it will take to drive resonance all along the full customer journey:- Sponsorship Activation- Virtual/Phygital Experiences- Digital Ticket- & Guest-Management- Sustainability as a Services- Brand Experience as a Service

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