Targeting PoS products’ End-of-Life Phase

Reduce, reuse, recycle

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Make retail more sustainable,make retail more human

For one of our clients, LIGANOVA designed & produced PoS products for the German market. Once the campaign has ended, the existing furniture and display equipment would have needed to be disposed of. Instead, our client’s and our aim was to find new solutions for giving these materials a second life! With this approach we are targeting the end-of-life phase of our Green Gen.

We conceived a more sustainable concept, which led to the rescue of fully-functioning furniture and most importantly, to being able to hand these to facilities in need. Therefore, we cooperated with the sustainability consultants of 100 Percent Group.

All ex-retail furniture was carried to Emmaüs International, a Charity supporting poverty and the homeless across the world and all large format digital screens were given to Willkommen in Seligenstadt e.V, a local charity supporting refugees who have fled Ukraine.

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Get to know the selected charities

Emmaüs offers people a semi-permanent place to live in one of their communities whilst providing them with work and assistance in finding employment through training. A large part of the donation will be used directly for the community initiatives. The furniture has been delivered to Saverne and then distributed to regional Emmaüs centres to display and showcase items for sale in stores across North-Eastern France.

The charity Willkommen in Seligenstadt e.V provides safe accomodation and first aid for around 100 Ukrainian refugees whilst bridging the time before they are able to receive official financial support. The screens have been installed in five classrooms of the charity’s language school and will be used to digitalize lessons and improve delivery of the education. Both organizations are extremely happy to receive the new equipment for their facilities.

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