In Interview with Max Wasler, CEO Greentech Festival

Max Wasler

The Greentech Festival is the global platform empowering changemakers and fostering innovative green technologies for a sustainable future. Once again, this year on June 15th and 16th in Berlin, over 300 exhibitors and speakers will come together to tackle topics surrounding green technologies. We sat down with Max Wasler, the CEO of the Greentech Festival, to talk about all things Greentech Festival 2023 – the key focus points, changes, trends & movements, and highlights to look out for this year.

1. The Greentech Festival in 3 words:

Innovative, Sustainable, Inspiring

2. What's new at the Greentech Festival this year?

This year marks the 5th anniversary edition of the Greentech Festival, taking place at the Urban Tech Republic on the site of the former Berlin Tegel Airport. With over 190 exhibitors, around 120 speakers, and an expected attendance of over 15,000 visitors, the festival continues to grow. The theme for this year is “Mission to Net Zero,” highlighting the active support of stakeholders in achieving net zero emissions by 2050. The event fosters a diverse and constructive exchange on the global mission of “Net Zero,” inviting experts from all over the world to participate in open discourse on the festival’s stage.

3. One day at the Greentech Festival – what do you suggest, what should we put on our agenda?

A day at the Greentech Festival is packed with engaging activities. Attend inspiring keynotes and thought-provoking panel discussions at the GTF Conference. Explore the exhibition area to discover innovative green technologies and enjoy a glimpse into the future of mobility while trying out the newest e-bikes, e-motorcycles and e-cares at the driving experience. Network with industry professionals and take part in informative bootcamps. End the day by celebrating at the GREEN AWARDS ceremony, recognizing outstanding contributions to sustainability. It’s a day filled with knowledge, exploration, and celebration of green innovation.

4. What does the future of retail look like in your opinion?

The future of retail will be shaped by e-commerce dominance, seamless omnichannel integration, personalized experiences driven by data and AI, and an increasing emphasis on sustainability. Retailers will focus on providing a seamless experience across physical and digital channels, while prioritizing green technology and sustainable practices. Automation and AI-powered solutions will streamline operations, and in-store experiences will be curated to offer unique and immersive environments. The future of retail will be a dynamic blend of technology, customer-centricity, and sustainable practices.

5. What’s meaningful for you?

Meaning comes from different aspects of life. It’s about having meaningful relationships with family and friends, pursuing goals and personal growth, helping others, expressing creativity, and exploring spirituality. Sustainability is also becoming important in finding meaning. It’s about living in harmony with nature, reducing our impact on the environment, and working towards a better future for everyone. So, meaning is all about connections, personal development, making a positive impact, and embracing sustainability.

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