White Paper

Post-Corona Consumerism

LIGANOVA | White Paper | The Consumer Post Corona


The world is wondering what reality will look like when we emerge from the current crisis. Our strategy experts from LIGA2037, our consulting company, tackled the question comprehensively by developing potential, contrasting scenarios that outline how we will live, shop, work and travel together in the future – and summarized them in the white paper “The Consumer Post Corona”:

The sooner retailers familiarize themselves with the changing needs and behaviors of consumers, the greater their lead in the post-corona world will be. After all, companies will only be able to survive if they know exactly what makes the post-corona customer tick.
The white paper also includes a canvas to support ideation and help companies and brands develop their own future scenarios in order to define individual strategic and operative fields of action.

Catch a glimpse of what the future could look like in our Business Bites article on Medium featuring key takeaways from the white paper or download the free full version including the strategy canvas.

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