Health & safety solutions for physical spaces

Efficiency, communication, networking and mobility have evolved into factors that shape our working environment. Office spaces must meet
growing requirements and be flexible to changes, to allow people to be
as productive as possible within them. Spaces is Liganova’s answer to
the interior design challenges of tomorrow.
Whether you want zones for high-concentration work, effective
communication areas or team-friendly places to retreat – Spaces can be
adjusted to suit your individual needs and offers you the advantages of
contemporary architecture:


High-concentration work in a focussed atmosphere still takes up the main part of the working day. As demands on employees increase, the workplace must provide the perfect conditions. Modern interior design is torn between open plan offices with their more efficient use of space and individual solutions which promote greater productivity. The subject of acoustic separation in particular plays a significant role, as noise is a major problem for work that demands concentration. procedes square has taken up this challenge and its focus spaces is a solution with room acoustics that use intelligent materials to achieve a balance between absorption and screening. Design your individual office landscapes to your specifications and use our room dividers as the basis for productive working.


The central zone is fast becoming an essential part of the open-plan office. Between the traditional workplace and separate conference rooms, it forms the link within modern office communication. These areas have been underrepresented in room concepts up to now. As teamwork becomes more important and work increasingly involves networking, new ways of working together have emerged in recent years, for which solutions have to be found. network spaces are the ideal solution to add to the central zone. They uniquely combine flexibility, function and design, thus defining the visual and acoustic properties of the concept and creating measurable added value for team work.


The days of static room layouts are gone. The reality of work today calls for flexibility. Given that businesses are more mobile in their choice of location and leases are shorter, it is obvious that investing substantial figures in rigid room concepts has no sustainable benefit. Room-in-room concepts, like think tanks or cubes, are an attractive way of creating rooms without compromising on flexibility. As modular constructs, team spaces provide an environment for discretion and productivity. In this way, they expand on the modern take on the open-plan office by offering places of retreat. Team spaces are dynamic room solutions with impressive functionality and considered design. You configure the dimensions or the acoustic properties of the think tank in line with your requirements. Whether used as an individual office or a creative think tank, team spaces are a forward-looking solution within open-plan offices as workplaces become more and more condensed.