Thinking in Alternatives


Finally! We were beyond excited to host the LIGAconvent again this summer. According to the mission of our year ‘Thinking in Alternatives’ we presented the 12th edition of our company confestival, featuring fresh approaches a on and bold visions from today’s changemakers & creators.

It’s time to rethink and allow a new consciousness to emerge!

Thinking in Alternatives spans a wider definition of sustainability. It’s about the correlations across all aspects of life – environment, economy, health & people – and taking a multidisciplinary point of view. Fresh approaches and bold new perspectives are needed. We’re discussing what the future could look like:

How will people live & interact? What new paths will brands and companies pioneer towards a brighter tomorrow? What trends and emerging values will influence and drive us along the way?

LIGAconvent 2022 – still glowing!

Again, our LIGAconvent showed us the power of our LIGANOVA community – and

which topics move and excite us. We took the momentum to listen to the experts and changemakers and to get inspired by their stories, insights and visions. All of them give perspective for the now & tomorrow!


A selection of forward-thinking personalities &
experts from our community

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Editor & Founder @future__dust

Alec is a former fashion editor at Highsnobiety and founder of sustainable fashion platform @future__dust – and he knows a thing or two about conscious shopping. He’s recently written a book on fast fashion and its impact on our environment, and will talk about everything from sneaker hype to greenwashing and consumerism.


Solar Artist

Marjan van Aubel is an award-winning artist & designer, she is the creator of a stunning self-powered illuminated solar design series and the co-founder of the inaugural Solar Biennale. Marjan will reveal the process and impact of her work at the intersection of imagination and innovation, and why art is a powerful way to influence science and people.


Founder OMR (Online Marketing Rockstars)

OMR Festival, which took place a few weeks ago, caused a huge buzz across social media – it’s no wonder its creator, Philipp, is in demand more than ever. Despite his packed calendar, he’ll take some time to join our virtual stage to share his vast experience and insights with us.



Editor in Chief t3n

Who better to tease the best insights out of Philipp Westermeyer than Holger Schellkopf, editor-in-chief of t3n – digital pioneers magazine? Holger is at the cutting edge of all-thing innovation, responsible for online and print content, with a specific focus on digital transformation, media, marketing and modern work.


CEO SportScheck

Legacy brand SportScheck has big plans, embracing the digital transformation and new retail trends to create an innovative retail flagship store in Stuttgart, which is due to open in September. In this couch conversation with our Managing Director Mathias Ullrich, CEO Matthias Rucke reveals what's in store and outlines the strategy behind it.

Matthias Rucker


Creative Concepter & Founder, Waysa

A multidisciplinary artist and entrepreneur working at the intersection of creative technology, environmentalism, and film & photography, Orhan Olgar is the co-founder of WAYSA, an organic, natural energy drink that delivers social impact to the Ecuadorian Amazonas, where its ingredients are sourced.


Rosalie McMillan & Adam Fairweather, Founder

Don’t miss our friends from Smile Plastics, an innovative company that transforms old plastic into stylish fixtures and fittings using innovative recycling techniques and cutting-edge design. They’ll highlight our latest Studio Odeonsplatz campaign and reveal how they’re reshaping the retail landscape, collaborating with premium brands like Ganni and Selfridges.



Patrik de Jong & Dirk Hoffmann, Founder

Artificial Rome has been creating immersive, interactive experiences for the past 20 years. Powered by a team of interdisciplinary experts working at the interface of technology and design, they work with premium automotive, fashion and lifestyle brands to produce game-changing VR and AR experiences, as well as digital hybrid events.


Trendscout Future of Work, Life & Learn, Vitra

Raphael has spent most of his professional life working on making the office environment a better place. His curiosity for architecture, technology and social change in the context of working environments is his fuel - always connected to the question of how the global working world is changing and what impact it has on existing business models.


Founder & Editor in Chief FRAME Magazine

Robert heads up FRAME Magazine, a global platform for intelligence and inspiration in spatial design. As founder of the FRAME Awards he knows a thing or two about the future of spaces, and here at LIGANOVA we always love sparring with him on our complementary skill sets and areas of expertise.


Managing Director Europe, iFixit

Matthias is a hands-on generalist with 20+ years experience in digitalization, e-commerce, online marketing and mindful leadership. He spearheads iFixit, which is on a mission to help people repair their devices, and pushes for sustainability through education and advocacy – including partnering with the likes of Google and Microsoft as well as a longstanding repair collab with eco-pioneers Patagonia.



Carolin Wurst, Innovation Consultant & Daniel Stolz, Innovation Manager

German public service media is in desperate need of innovation to increase its appeal to younger audiences, who also pay for high-quality independent media. Two changemakers from SWR share their insights into the projects and strategies that are slated to lead the broadcaster — and the industry — into the future.


Senior Strategist & Media Researcher, TheGameArtist & Founder Studio T*SH

Jelena believes that while technology provides new ways of seeing and engaging with the world, our humanity should be at the center of everything we do. She uses digital tools to create interactive, audiovisual installations and experiences that transform people, places and spaces. Join her session on ‘Machines don’t dream. Humans do.’



Markus Adler, Niklas Schönstein, Till Kundrun,Co-Founder

Sustainability management consultancy, Spenoki, supports companies with efficient and automated processes, helping them to analyze, optimize and communicate sustainability. In this talk, the co-founders share the story of Spenoki's foundation, how they've developed over the years, and the way they want to transform retail brands in the future.


Live Act

With roots in Guinea-Bissau and Senegal, Adesse is a German musician whose influences include 2PAC and Jay-Z, and who has toured with the likes of 50 Cent and Justin Timberlake. A talented footballer as well, Adesse nonetheless chose music, releasing his first album, "Fechnerstraße" in 2016 on the Goldzweig label, run by acclaimed rapper Sido.



Live Act

Everdeen doesn’t shy away from delivering raw emotion. The band has rightfull risen through the ranks of southern Germany’s indie scene, revealing the beauty in melancholy and the wonder of exploring newness through their dreamy, ethereal music.



Romulo was born in Brazil, the child of a writer and an artist, whose creative spirit influenced his early life. As a teen, he traveled to the world's art metropolises to study well-known works of art, discover unknown paintings and gather inspiration. Since 2013, he has exhibited his works at galleries across Europe, including in Paris, Rome and Berlin.



Founder YOGA13

Goalkeeper for the German national team and VfB Stuttgart, Timo Hildebrand retired from professional football in 2016 and today lives a vibrant personal and professional life. Timo teams up with Tobias from YOGA13, who brings many years of experience on the mat, using his practice to create holistic balance in all areas of life.

Walk the talk

Actions speak louder than words. That’s why we have designed our LIGAconvent to be as sustainable as possible – from the travel and accommodation of the participants to the catering, production and design of the event.

In the following video you can learn more about sustainable events and how LIGANOVA can help with the implementation.

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