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Artificial Rome launches exclusive luxury space as part of Metaverse Fashion Week

Premiere at Metaverse Fashion Week (MVFW). Artificial Rome produces the luxury event ‘Legacy of Tomorrow’ on its Metaverse platform Soil – in unprecedented visual precision and quality.

Berlin, March 9, 2023. This year, international brands and designers will once again showcase their creations at Metaverse Fashion Week starting March 28. For the first time, the luxury event ‘Legacy of Tomorrow’ will also take place in this context from March 29-30 – staged on the new Soil Metaverse platform by Artificial Rome. The immersive experiences studio, which recently became part of LIGANOVA GROUP, is helping premium digital luxury brands altr and The Fabricant, among others, present their collections as a premium experience. Metaverse fashion pioneer and founder of The Immersive KIND Kadine James is responsible for curating the luxury fashion show.

Timeless luxury and high-definition imagery

For the first time, Metaverse’s Soil platform allows guests to explore outfits in a virtual, photorealistic environment. The focus is on timeless luxury and high-resolution imagery. In addition, designers also have the opportunity to present their pieces in extreme detail beyond the catwalk. In doing so, they can interact directly with the audience via text and voice chat: Soil is fully customizable and was developed with brand design and a premium user experience in mind.

The ‘Legacy of Tomorrow’ event, developed in Unreal 5.1, spans a narrative arc with a moving image intro and credits, and longer passages in between for guests to explore the models, patterns and cuts in stunning resolution. Another high-profile partner on board: German Wahnsinn, a multi-award-winning audio agency specializing in immersive AR and VR experiences, contributes the audio experience to match the fascinating environment.

Patrik de Jong, Founder and CEO Artificial Rome: “With Soil, it is possible to present digital luxury fashion in a high-definition world, accessible in real time via our pixel streaming technology. We can’t wait to showcase altr and The Fabricant’s amazing creations in this new environment. The scale of the models, the detail of the garments and the level of immersion will redefine fashion events in the Metaverse – there’s never been anything like it.”

Kadine James, ‘Legacy of Tomorrow’ Curator: “With this event, we want to unleash new ways of thinking about how we can experience fashion from the past, the present and the future. ‘Legacy of Tomorrow’ aims to show the potential of fashion to bridge realities across metaverse worlds and venues celebrating fashion’s future heritage.”

Jessie Fu, Founder and CEO altr: “The digital world connects us not only to the future, but also to the past. We are grateful to bring our cultural heritage to life in such a beautiful digital space and present it to people around the world. This truly aligns with altr’s mission to preserve fashion heritage by giving it new life and attaching contemporary relevance in digital spaces, through elevated luxury experiences and digital savoir-faire.”

Interested parties can register for the event for free here.
Media kit is available for download at this link.

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