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LIGANOVA | LIGALIVE | Green Academy | Changing Retail for Good


This Green Academy knowledge session explored the intersection of sustainability and technology for a better Point of Sale. The experts of our sustainability team have shared our approach on the retail of the future, presented inspiring industry best cases, and took you on a deep-dive into sustainable solutions for POS campaigns. We found out how data-driven decisions are crucial for making campaigns greener, and how you can reduce and optimize your carbon footprint.

LIGANOVA | LIGALIVE | Green Academy | Changing Retail for Good | Zoe Rost


Sustainability Services, DEKRA

As Project Manager Sustainability Services, Zoe Rost supports companies in the formulation & implementation of tailored sustainability strategies as well as internal & external sustainability communication. She is the perfect match to teach you about sustainability innovations and their successful implementation.


Director Sustainability, LIGANOVA GmbH

As Business Development representative, Phillip comes with vast experience and a sense for innovations and trends. He leads the LIGANOVA Sustainability Initiative and knows all about the challenges of bringing sustainability, innovation and corporate identity together. Thus, he’s the perfect one to answer all of your questions.

LIGANOVA | LIGALIVE | Green Academy | Changing Retail for Good | Phillip Grimm
LIGANOVA | LIGALIVE | Green Academy | Changing Retail for Good | Carla Schürjann


Conceptual Designer, LIGANOVA GmbH

As Conceptual Designer at LIGANOVA, Carla is an expert in the creation of POS campaigns. Her expertise in design and her affinity towards an eco-friendly future have made her look closer into the topic of sustainable campaigns. In this session, you can get to know her and her approaches to the campaigning of the future.


Managing Director, LIGANOVA GmbH

In his role as Managing Director, Torsten Dietz leads the Global POS Campaigns division at LIGANOVA. With over 10 years of experience in international retail marketing and a keen sense for the changing retail landscape, he focuses on the development of sustainable and digital concepts for the POS of international brands.

LIGALIVE | Green Academy | Sustainable Design Solutions for Retail | Torsten Dietz

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