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LIGALIVE | Gaming for non-Gamers


Did you know that the gaming business has been surpassing both the movie and the music industry for the past years? Or that no less than 225 million US dollars were used as prize money in eSports in 2019?
How has the market of digital games become so interesting, what’s the current status quo of science and art, and what potential holds the world of eSports for brands and companies?

In this digital one-hour live session, our Strategist & Brand Planner Falk and Julian, User Experience Designer, have guided you through fascinating business facts and essential basics regarding the topic of gaming. Of course, they were also eager to hear your thoughts and questions on this entire matter.

So, whether you are a curious newb or a cyber pro who simply wants to connect and chat – we’re looking forward to your participation.
Let the digital games begin!

LIGANOVA | LIGAlive | Gaming Session | Falk Ebert |


Director Strategy, LIGANOVA GmbH

Falk is not only LIGANOVA's Strategy Director and Digital Next Expert, but also a gamer at heart. In this digital session, he shared his passion and provided insight to non-gamers into the gaming universe. Who knows, maybe you'll become a gamer as well.

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