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LIGALIVE | Green Academy | Sustainable Design Solutions for Retail
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Sustainable Design Solutions for Retail

Get excited for this knowledge session that explores the intersection of sustainability and design for a better Point of Sale. The experts of our sustainability team will share our approach on the retail of the future, present inspiring industry best cases, and take you on a deep-dive into sustainable design. Find out why this factor is so crucial for making campaigns greener, and how little changes like the choice of sustainable materials can already have a huge impact.

Join us live on April 21, 2021, from 4:00-5:00pm CET & stay tuned for more LIGAlive Green Academies this year in which our team will give you the latest inside scope on our sustainability topics!

The session is free and will be held in English on LinkedIn.

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LIGALIVE | Green Academy | Sustainable Design Solutions for Retail | Torsten Dietz

Torsten Dietz

Managing Director, LIGANOVA GmbH

In his role as Managing Director, Torsten Dietz leads the Global POS Campaigns division at LIGANOVA. With over 10 years of experience in international retail marketing and a keen sense for the changing retail landscape, he focuses on the development of sustainable and digital concepts for the POS of international brands.

Aline Käfer

Creative Director, LIGANOVA GmbH

As Creative Director Brand Spaces, Aline comes with vast experience in Visual Merchandising. Together with her team, she conceptualizes Brand Spaces of any kind, focusing on functionality and aesthetics that are both timeless and Zeitgeist. Thus, she is the perfect match to share her take on sustainable retail concepts.

LIGALIVE | Green Academy | Sustainable Design Solutions for Retail | Aline Käfer
LIGALIVE | Green Academy | Sustainable Design Solutions for Retail | Eva Böhmer

Eva Böhmer

Team Leader Design, LIGANOVA NL BV

As our Team Leader in Design, Eva is an expert in the creation of POS campaigns. Her expertise in design and her affinity for challenges have made her look closer into the topic of sustainable campaigns and how they can be designed on point. In this session, you can get to know her and her approaches to campaigning.