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LIGALIVE | Mesmerizing Festival Vibes


Imagine it’s nighttime, you are surrounded by nature, on a boat in the middle of a distant lake. There is silence and darkness all around the water. Then the first objects of light appear. The first sounds begin to play… This dream-like scenery usually marks the beginning of the metaphysical Ezera Skanas festival in Latvia that hosts music acts on a floating stage.

The official event was cancelled in 2020, but its founder Reinis Spaile together with LIGANOVA lived it up nevertheless, exclusively having produced a small version of the festival including a musical performance – that had its broadcasting premiere – and a live-streamed conversation with its head of design Zane Priede. Explore the storytelling element that’s incorporated into the event format as well as its distinctive design concept that is deeply integrated in the natural environment.

LIGALIVE | Mesmerizing Festival Vibes | Reinis Spaile


Film Director & Co-Founder, EZERA SKANAS

Reinis Spaile has established himself as a commercial director working for Nike, airBaltic, IKEA, Toyota and many others. Simple & honest, his works garner brand loyalty by telling human stories with a strong message. He’s also the cofounder of Lake Sounds festival – an innovative multisensory event that got us very excited!


Head of Design, EZERA SKANAS

As Art Director, Set Designer and Photographer she has lots of expertise in visual design. Thus, there could not have been a better match to lead the Design Team of the Ezera Skanas Festival. In this session, she will share her expertise and the experiences she made as Head of Design of this one of a kind festival.

LIGALIVE | Mesmerizing Festival Vibes | Zane Priede

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