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LIGANOVA | LIGAlive | Gaming Session |


Gaming and eSports are changing the marketing world completely. In this digital session Strategy Director and Gaming expert Falk Ebert will guide you through the world of Gaming and eSports: As our professional geek with high expertise in digital technology, Falk is the perfect match to let you take a look behind the scenes of what has been considered a simple leisure time activity, and how it has developed into one of the fastest growing industries on the planet.

Learn about this industry, the basics and how to leverage games & eSports for your brand in this talk. Ready, set, game!

LIGANOVA | LIGAlive | Gaming Session | Falk Ebert |


Director Strategy, LIGANOVA GmbH

As our Strategy Director and Digital Next lead, he combines a clear and structured brand-strategic view on things with a high amount of expertise in technology. Digital as well as hybrid platforms and spaces are his home turf, and his affinity towards Gaming has made him look closer into this topic.

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