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LIGANOVA develops an experience concept for Swiss luxury jeweler Bucherer

Inspired by the idea of a gallery with constantly changing exhibits, the experts for Brand Retail Experiences devised a concept for Bucherer that constantly comes up with creative ideas for experiencing the products on display. And it worked so well that LIGANOVA was immediately commissioned with follow-up projects.

Stuttgart, October 13, 2021. Founded in 1888, the Bucherer family business is one of the most traditional houses in the Swiss watch and jewelry sector and has since its start grown into the world’s leading supplier in this segment. The Bucherer flagship boutique in Zurich’s distinguished Bahnhofsstrasse offers its international clientele jewelry alongside a wide range of luxury watch brands. The special features include Bucherer’s own jewelry lines along with other creations from the company’s own ateliers, such as the constantly growing Bucherer BLUE Collection that brings in exciting collaborations from outside the watch industry. As a first step, LIGANOVA has created a unique presentation space for this, and further commissions will follow.

To present the collection in a contemporary way, the experts for Brand & Retail Experiences have come up with a concept that creates a community space for aficionados of watches and jewelry. Apart from exclusive watches and jewelry, here the company also presents art exhibitions and hosts events that offer curious customers ever new and attractive incentives to visit the Bucherer store. “Buying products online is convenient – whether it’s jewelry, fashion or furniture,” says Mathias Ullrich, Managing Director of Experience Solutions at LIGANOVA. “That makes adding value to retail space essential. Only in this way will the spaces remain appealing to customers in the future.”

Light and restrained materials are used on the surface, as are flexible elements that enable ever new interpretations and presentations of Bucherer BLUE. Space, products and Experience elements are in harmony with each other. In addition, the Experience dimensions offer various touch points, such as the deployment of sound and light elements in the product staging, which skillfully engage visitors in the concept. “We are thrilled to see our space for the Bucherer BLUE Collection succeeding; customers are spending more time in the store and are surprised anew each time they visit. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with LIGANOVA,” says Patrick Graf, Bucherer’s Chief Commercial Officer.

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